Our Approach
There is more to your
business than meets the eye.
We recognize and help realize the untapped value in your business. We fully understand how each situation is different and our wealth of expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions, Growth Advisory and Business Transformation enable us to customize strategies that will increase the value of your business.

We understand your situation

We are entrepreneurial business leaders with experience in building businesses across a diverse group of industry sectors. We bring a level of appreciation and empathy to each situation because we have walked miles in your shoes. Our teams bring years of real-world experience and a unique perspective.

We treat your business as if it were our own.

We recognize your full worth

We specialize in preparing businesses with enterprise value of $5 million to $100 million for sale. Like an iceberg there is so much more substance to every business beneath the surface.

We dive deep, look beneath the surface to understand what makes the business valuable in the eyes of the stakeholders – customers, employees and potential buyers or investors. We uncover the undervalued assets and work closely to figure out how to unleash value. We deploy innovative methodologies to maximize the full potential of your business, including all that is concealed beneath the surface.

We dive deep to showcase the full potential of your business.

We increase your value

We know what makes businesses valuable, and our team has a proven track record of driving success across a wide range of industries and through different functions of a company.

• We are experienced CEOs who will build and present an accelerated growth strategy that will increase the value of the business and command high multiples for your segment

• We are experienced CFOs with the financial discipline and methodologies to set up for further profitable growth along with increased cashflow

• We are experienced COOs who can improve operations and build scalable processes with increased efficiencies.

Goldbear also invests the time to create a tailored approach and execute with the discipline around increasing the valuation of the business.  

We strive to maximize enterprise value.

Our clients appreciate 
how we appreciate their business

“It is valuable to sit across from a Goldbear leader who has also been a CFO of a business with equal complexity. You can trust that the Goldbear team has done what I am doing, several times over. We are able to talk about things that matter for our business-like peers and put things into action quickly.”
Client – CFO (Manufacturing)

We can create the change you deserve.

Let us fulfill our mission to untap your company’s true potential with an innovative approach that will appreciate your valuation of your business.
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