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We believe in the relationships we build with our clients and appreciate the journey we embark on together. A successful transaction happens to be a by-product of the work we do together.
Like most business owners, you get several calls from M&A Firms asking if you are ready to sell. Often times, the call comes in while you are busy with your business and you have no time to think about selling your business. For some, the sale happens eventually, unexpectedly, based on timing and circumstances, without consideration of readiness.

We think differently for our clients to ensure their interests are fully met. First and foremost, we advise our clients on how to realize the full potential of the business asset they have built and do not undersell. We believe in working with our clients to ensure they are well positioned to sell their company at all times. We will work as partners along the way and become part of the value creation journey and find ways to accelerate success.  

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

We primarily focus on advising sell-side clients on how to divest their business interests fully or in parts. Our team of seasoned professionals are experienced in M&A advisory including valuations, transaction structuring and closing. We will tap into our global network and connect you with strategic and financial investors who will appreciate the true value of your business. How much is your business worth? It is often more than what you realize. Most of the time, it’s about having the right buyer available to you at the right time.In addition to leveraging our professional relationships, we use effective marketing tools to reach the large pool of qualified buyers globally. We believe in the power of competitive offers. When done strategically, such offers always result in getting the highest value.  

We will market your company directly to a broad range of targeted buyers, always maintaining total confidentiality and carefully controlling access to your information. Our proprietary business sale approach involves a rigorous qualification process of a large pool of acquirers and investors from around the world. This approach delivers choice, competition and better deal values for our clients.

Our business teams have been involved in business transactions as entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and M&A advisors.

Let us look at M&A opportunities with a wider perspective.

Growth & Capital Advisory

Our team has been engaged in building and growing businesses, including formulating and executing growth plans of over 90 different businesses across Canada, the United States and Europe. We also appreciate businesses sometimes need a boost to accelerate growth. How you grow is most important in positioning your company for continued success. We specialize in accessing growth capital for companies that are setup for accelerated growth. We set you up for long term success by having the right combination of strategy, partners, capital, followed by consistent, flawless execution.  

We have deep expertise and broad experience to maximize your potential and move you forward.

Let us embark on an accelerated growth journey together.

Business Transformation

When your business faces adversity, the actions we take to improve the performance often sets you up for long term success.  

Even when things are going well, your company can risk running out of growth capital. Other times when you have capital to grow, you may end up overstretching your management team to keep on the growth trajectory. New competitors or market changes may present challenges to your business model. You may be interested in acquiring a competitor, but you are unsure how to complete the transaction.

Our team has a proven track record of driving transformation in all different areas – financial, operational and cultural.

Let us set you on an accelerated path to success.

Let us fulfill our mission to untap your company’s true potential with an innovative approach that will appreciate your valuation of your business.
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